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*Cake and cupcakes orders need to be made at least  10-14 days in advance. Depending on my schedule I may be able to fit in last minute orders but that is not guaranteed. 

Orders placed within 3-4 days for cakes, custom cookies, or cupcakes will be subject to a $15 rush fee.

*Deliveries*  If you reside within the Spring Hill area, deliveries are free of charge; if you are located within the surrounding cities of Paola, Osawatamee, Gardner, Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa, there will be a $5 delivery fee included. Any cities that are farther out delivery fees will be determined by milage. 

*If you need to cancel an order please do so at least 3 days in advance., cake orders at least 7 days in advance if possible. 

*If you are requesting a custom cake or cupcake order please do so at least 2-3 weeks prior to allow time for edible images and specialized decorations to be ordered. You will be required to put down a 50% deposit at the time of order that is non refundable; as I won’t be able to return the images or decorations. 

* A ORDER IS NOT CONSIDERED CONFIRMED ON MY CALENDAR UNTIL THE DEPOSIT IS MADE OR PAYMENT IN FULL IS RECIEVED. I will attempt to contact you once or twice, but if I don't hear from you or the payment is not made that date will be opened up to the next customer on the list. 

*Holidays book up quickly so if you want to place an order during the times of November-December, please do as quickly as possible, usually 2-4 weeks ahead will guarantee that you are able to get a spot reserved. 

*Everything is made in a kitchen that bakes with gluten, dairy and nuts, please be mindful of that if you are ordering any gluten, dairy or nut free treats. I always do my best to keep my kitchen very clean as well as my supplies. 

*During the months of May- September, please make sure you have set aside room for your cake in a refrigerator. Cakes that sit out even in temperatures of 76-78 degrees can melt if sat out overnight or in direct sunlight. Please make sure your passenger side floorboard in a car or truck, or flat trunk area in your suv is available for your cake order. Have it clear of clutter, and AC on high. Cakes need to go from me to your vehicle and directly to your home or event place...please no stops or errands along the way. It would be very sad for me and you if the cake melted and once it leaves my hands i cannot fix it. Tiered cakes are heavy and absolutely need to stay refrigerated as long as possible prior to event. 

*If you are picking up a cake or any order, please please please have it down on your calendar and what time you are to pickup. I generally have several orders on the same day that are deliveries, and I would hate to be late to deliver my next order because a customer forgot what time she needed to pick up her order. I will usually give a grace period of 15-20 minutes if I can; if i have not heard from you in that period of time, I will message you to let you know I am on my next delivery and we can arrange a later time to have you pickup. please respect my time and my other customers as well. 

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